About us

As a shop fitting specialist, Bertz understands the challenges that retail employees are facing in the current situation. They are the ones ensuring essential supply and as a result are exposed to an increased risk of infection.

But everyone else for whom direct contact is unavoidable must also be protected. It makes sense to take preventive action, not only now during the coronavirus pandemic, but at any time.

This is why the Bertz team, in collaboration with several partner companies from the JF Group, has thought about which products can create particular added value for hygiene and health. When designing the products it was important to maintain a long-term view: even after the crisis, the products should still be helpful, reducing the risk of infection in everyday life and increasing the level of hygiene.

"Clean 4 Health" offers products for everyone, which can be used anywhere and restrict the transmission of germs, viruses and bacteria. Starting with the hands-free door opener and a transparent separating screen to protect against droplet infection, we plan to gradually expand our range to include even more clever everyday aids.